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Our mission is to protect people. Pure and simple. As a Premier company at the top of our game we aim to improve the lives and working conditions of people the length and breadth of the country.

If you don’t believe us ask some of the hundreds of shops, care homes, warehouses, schools, restaurants and factories who trust us to protect them. It may be that they ask us to sort out a one off pest problem (After all, we are an emergency service) or they need the reassurance of a regular service agreement and the all important documentation that goes with it, including our awesome free call out service to give you peace of mind.

Of course, it’s not just the pests that you might need protecting from. We know that you may need to prove to Environmental Services, Health and Safety Executive and other legal bodies that you operate in a clean environment. We will make sure that you are legally covered with our regular service visits and comprehensive documentation and the best thing is- we do it with the minimum hassle for you.

If you are like us, it’s our guess you have worked very hard to get your business where it is today. You might also be worried about what will happen if a pest infestation were to become public knowledge. We will protect your reputation by working quietly and effectively. We certainly won’t advertise the fact that we are there and what we are doing.

So, whatever business or organisation you are in, we will share your mission: to ensure a safe, clean and disease free working environment for you, your colleagues and customers to enjoy. Our customers trust us to be the best-especially in an emergency.

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We offer you

  • National coverage, with a customer base ranging from London to Scotland.
  • The benefit of many years experience of helping our customers with their BRC accreditation.  This includes keeping all records and preparing for inspections.
  • A high quality service. We are long-standing members of the British Pest Control Association, and therefore work to a code of practice.   Our technicians are comprehensively trained, experienced and have been CRB checked.
  • A useful discount on your annual Pest Control budget (as we tend to be 20-25% cheaper than our main competitors), whilst still giving you an unrivalled service.
  • A personal service. We are a family owned firm and we do not use call centres; you will always speak to one of us, who know you and your business, not an impersonal operator.
  • Many innovations that our competitors cannot equal, that are designed to save you time and money.

Our Special Reporting Service will provide you with:

  • Total coverage of your high-risk areas of your premises
  • Regular Pest Inspections from our friendly, qualified technicians.
  • Regular Technical Inspections from our Senior Technicians.
  • Preventative Maintenance to identify and eliminate pest problems before they happen.
  • Free 24-hour emergency callouts.
  • Comprehensive documentation.
  • A free advice/help line.
  • Mosquito electronic reporting for multiple sites and paper free documentation

We are accredited

Heroes of hygiene – keeping people healthy

Safe, clean and pest free workspace for your employees and customers

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Mosquito - reporting just got smart...

If you are anything like us, you want all your important information at your fingertips and be able to access them any place, at any time. 

Mosquito is our unique electronic reporting system that can handle all these requirements. With a reputation for its flexibility, ease of use and reliability, it could well be the answer to your pest control requirements.

Mosquito is chosen by organizations throughout the UK, both large and small, including the NHS, local authorities, national hotel chains and large food manufacturers.

What our clients say

BRC Packaging Factory, England

I am currently employed as Health, Safety, Hygiene and Facilities Manager at a large packaging company based in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.

In this and my previous role as Health and Safety manager at a large multi-site Packaging Company throughout England and Scotland, Premier Pest Control Services have provided pest control services to a number of my sites over the past 9 years.

They have provided a range of insect, rodent and bird control systems and importantly, supplied complex documentation to comply with food legislation and environmental health requirements. I have found that they have always been able to provide help and advice to allow us to comply with regulatory and legislative standards.

Their technicians are polite, knowledgeable and helpful. Response times in the event of pest activity have always been first class.

I have found that premier Pest Control Services compare very favorably with other contractors that I have employed, including the large national companies, as they provide a truly personal service.

I would therefore recommend Premier Pest Control services to any organisation requiring a high quality pest control service.

Multi Campus College/University UK

Premier Pest Control Services (PPCS) have been employed by the College to undertake a range of Pest Control Services since 2008. The company are familiar with and understand how to operate within an educational environment.

PPCS are well managed and provide a very responsive and customer focussed service. They are prepared to discuss options to address particular issues and can tailor solutions to meet available resources.

 The College operates out of five main campuses and has other properties within various communities. PPCS have been able to service our requirements and understand our rules for contractors and the level of professionalism that we expect from our service contractors when attending our sites.

I am happy to recommend them to you for pest control services.