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Commercial and Domestic Pest Control in London

We have been protecting businesses, homes and schools across the London district for over 17 years. The company was started from humble beginnings in Saltaire and we have now grown to a formidable size. We are now based in Idle, London and Colchester. All of our employees are local people.

Summer pests in London

Wasp Pest Control BradfordSummer is when we spend most time outdoors, enjoying the warmer weather and long evenings and barbeques in the garden. For insects, it is also their busiest time as higher temperatures always stimulate growth. Problems occur when insect’s behaviour conflicts with ours. In summer, we are most often called to assist with wasps. There are lots of different species of wasp although the Common or German wasp are most problematic in the London area. Some wasps are harmless and keep out of our way. Others are a real nuisance and will sting at the slightest provocation. This problem is worse in late summer when they have been kept busy building the nest and now find they can now indulge their passion for sweet foods and become a real nuisance in parks, bakeries shops and around rubbish bins. Over the years we have protected people of London by eradicating many wasps’ nests throughout the district in homes, schools, hospitals and offices. Ants are closely related to wasps as they are social insects and are also a real problem in the summer months. Again there are many types of ant, the most common being the black or garden ant. These insects do not bite or sting but build their nests below ground but become a problem when they forage in our kitchens and houses for food. They are a real problem in schools and hospital wards due to hygiene risks but we have many years’ experience in dealing with them in these situations. We have developed clean new treatment methods using new technology to achieve fast results with minimum disruption to our customers.

Flies, midges and mosquitoes

Flies, midges and mosquitoesFlies are unfortunately a very common sight in summer and there are many different types of fly with differing hazards. Some flies have biting mouthparts like the mosquito or midge and can deliver a painful bite and even a dangerous allergic reaction. Others carry a hygiene risk, contaminating food with harmful bacteria. Thankfully, we have worked with hospitals, food factories and schools in eradicating these insects fast. Bees on the other hand are usually gentle creatures and provide huge benefits to the environment. They are excellent pollinators and help crops and gardens to flourish. This is why we will only treat a bee’s nest as a last resort, where they pose a direct threat to health. We work closely with London Beekeepers Association to harmlessly remove swarming bees where possible. Bees

Pest Control London

We have a strong track record of successfully looking after the people of London when they come face to face with problem insects themselves. Not only that, we often help our customers comply with the districts environmental health requirements, with free help and advice where needed.