There is probably not be a lot that we could tell you about pests - most farmers will have seen it all. Like you, we have been involved in farming for many years, both on the family farm and in the pest control industry. It is because of this that we know how you feel when pests such as rats, mice, birds, rabbits and insects threaten your profits and your livelihood.

Increasingly, you may find that you need us to help you deal with compliance bodies such as Assured Food Standards, Red Tractor Logo for farming, Food and Feed Code, and COSSH legislation. You will find that we are experts in all of these regulations and can help deal this associated audits, leaving you free to do what matters most.

If you are involved in organic farming, we can use pest control methods approved by the Soil Association and Organic Farmers and Growers. We also work to ACCS, FEMAS, Red Tractor and other specifications. If you need any help or advice on any of these standards, please give us a call.

We understand the problems that you face. We know that pests destroy profits. If you have any pest problems you can trust us to use our many years experience on farms, dealing with pests to sort out your problems quickly and with minimum fuss. Come rain or shine, we will be there for you and best of all – at a price you will be happy with.

Areas of risk

  • Rats and mice are known to cause great damage to farm buildings and equipment. On top of the danger of disease, rodents also pose a fire hazard due to their ability to chew through electrical wiring and cables.
  • Flying insects can contaminate your stocks and pose a health threat to your livestock.
  • Stored Product Insects (SPIs), such as beetles and weevils, can infest grain and commodities, resulting in loss of revenue and reputation with your customers.

Customers we've helped

  • Arable farms
  • Equine industry and studs
  • Pig, poultry and sheep farms
  • Grain stores and facilities
  • Small holdings
  • Country estates