There is no doubt that birds are one of the most cherished families in the animal kingdom, helping us to enjoy the countryside and adding an element of colour to otherwise drab railway stations and urban parks.

Sadly, some birds do cause us problems and significant hazards when they live in close association with man. Pigeons, starlings and gulls present a threat to the health of people entering infested areas, as their droppings and unhygienic behaviour make them most unsuitable neighbours.

It may be that you have birds causing hygiene problems in a food factory, warehouse, school or shopping centre. Perhaps you are an architect or work for a local authority that require a specialist solution. This could be a simple process or it may involve complex proofing and control systems. We understand that bird problems are different in all situations and we can help find the best answer for you.

If you need us, we provide a 24- hour call out service to respond to any emergency which may occur and our Avian Technicians (Trained by the British Pest Control Association) will be able to visit your premises to solve your problem quickly and discreetly.

We can help you to provide a clean, disease free work environment in which your colleagues can work and thrive. Many pest birds are protected by law and to harm them could incur large fines and prosecution. Again, we can help using our experience and skills to obtain the correct licenses, making sure that we work within the law, often where other companies can’t.

The Problems

  • Disease transmission leading to illness and lost time at work
  • Fouling causing damage to stonework and metal corrosion
  • Noise pollution, especially early mornings – cooing pigeons and screeching gulls
  • Damage to image corporate signage
  • Flooding due to blocked gutters
  • Toxic fumes due to blocked chimneys
  • Fear caused by aggressive behaviour, especially during the nesting season
  • Falls caused by slippery droppings, especially in wet conditions

If you do have a problem with pest birds, you will be pleased to learn that we can help you by using the following environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions:

  • Bird proofing using techniques such as complex netting, bird wire and bird spike systems to provide a discreet or even invisible solution.
  • Bird Control using newly designed proofing methods such as electric or gel deterrents that can even be used on listed or iconic buildings.
  • Bird scaring using birds of prey – we use Ozzy and Henry (Our Harris Hawks) to scare pigeons from roosts in Town Centres and Industrial buildings.
  • Bird trapping and egg/nest removal. It must be remembered that we will try not to harm birds and this will be used as a last resort method.
  • Gutter cleaning and waste removal.