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April 30, 2018
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January 23, 2019

Preventing mice infestation – before and after

Mice Infestation – Problem

Mice infestation is a common call-out for us here at Premier Pest Control.  We are mostly called out for problems such as mice and other rodents. Recently we were asked to help as mice were constantly getting in to a farmhouse.  We know that this causes a lot of problems for the owners. So we went and had a look. We traced the problem to under the decking, where we thought mice may have been getting in.  Sure enough, when we removed the decking, we found lots of gaps in the lower wall.

Our first photo shows one of the holes where mice can squeeze through. If they want to, mice can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps to get into a building.

Mice Infestation – Solution

Our solution is shown in the second photo. We carefully inspected all possible holes and cracks. Then we concreted all of the wall/floor junctions and hey presto – no more mice!!!

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