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May 14, 2015
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September 24, 2015
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More Contracts Gained In the Food Industry

We have another busy week ahead at Premier Pest Control, having won further important contracts in the food industry dealing with Pest Control. One of these is a major food factory in the Manchester area, supplying food to some of the major retailers.

Food Industry Pest Control

The food industry is an important sector for us and the work involved is becoming ever more specialised, due to the requirements of BRC and retailer requirements. This means that training and communication is vital in this increasingly complex situation.

We carried out a survey at a food premises last week that was a nut free site. The pest control contractor was trying to solve a mouse problem in a warehouse and was using trapping techniques. Unfortunately, they were using peanut butter as a bait on the traps. Site management had not noticed and the pest controllers hadn’t realised the factory requirements. Fortunately, we were able to find the problem and remove the offending traps before problems arose.

We also have a new code of practice which is aimed at reducing the amount of rodenticides that we use outdoors. This has been necessary as recent tests have shown that rodenticide residues are accumulating in birds of prey and other predatory mammals. This is because they eat poisoned rodents that then die outdoors and secondary poisoning occurs.

This means that we cannot use permanent rodenticides inside food premises due to BRC and retailer specifications nor outside due to the code of practice. We must therefore make use of an integrated approach to solve rodent problems, including exclusion, better hygiene standards and rodenticide free trapping techniques.

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