How Can You Avoid problems With Rats and Mice This Autumn and Winter?

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July 15, 2015
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September 29, 2015
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When the weather starts getting colder and food gets a little more scarce, rodents abandon their outdoor habitats and start looking for food and warmth indoors. Both rats and mice carry a host of problems for us in our homes and businesses-problems such as disease, food contamination and for some of us, utter panic!

The best way to deal with such a rodent problems is of course avoidance. If we protect our homes and businesses by denying them food, water and shelter then the chances are we wont have to deal with any of this upset and upheaval.

We would therefore like to give some simple advice to keep those pests off our agenda this Autumn. We suggest that you:

  • Check for holes in your property. Seal gaps where cables and pipes enter and repair gaps in mortar courses.
  • Fit galvanised mesh over vents/airbricks and fit bristle strips to the base of doors. Rodents can enter through extremely small holes- about 1.6 cm.
  • Keep all foodstuffs covered and off floors where possible.
  • Keep gardens uncluttered and all rubbish in robust bins with tightly fitting lids.
  • If rodents are known to be in the area, do not use bird tables and do not add foodstuffs to compost heaps.
  • Keep vegetation to a minimum and store pet foods indoors.
  • Repair holes in roofs and soffits promptly and trim overhanging branches.

By following this advice, you are greatly reducing the chances of having unwelcome visitors this Autumn and throughout Winter.

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